3 Ideas To Throw A Spectacular Pizza Party For Your Child

Who doesn't love a good pizza? It's so popular with kids that you absolutely can't go wrong when you decide to serve pizzas at your child's birthday party. But you want to find ways to make it even more special and spectacular? Here's how you can do that:  Demarcate A Special Table/Section For The Kids Depending on how many kids you're inviting to the party, you can allocate a single or multiple tables.

What Makes Bistro Food Distinctive?

Popularised in France, bistro food is now commonplace all over Europe as well as the southern hemisphere. The idea behind a bistro is that it is much less formal than a restaurant where several courses are expected to be ordered and a certain etiquette is to be observed. Dining on bistro food means enjoying high-quality dishes that are the sort of thing you would find in a top-notch cafe. In continental Europe, bistro culture mixes cafe food with a bar life.