Teach the Little Ones Something New: Cooking Parties for Kids

What kind of skills do you think your little ones learn when they go to kids parties? Sure, there will be some basic socialisation skills, and perhaps they will even learn some new games. Wouldn't it be nice if a party was also able to teach them some more practical skills? Actually, wouldn't it be even nicer if they learned some practical skills while also being distracted to the point of being quiet and attentive? The next time one of your kids has a birthday, why not make it a cooking party for kids?

Find a Venue

If you plan to keep the party small, then your own kitchen is probably going to do the trick. But if the guest list needs to include a fair few of your child's friends, then you'll need to find an appropriate venue. Look for any local culinary schools who might rent their facilities, or you could even look for a local restaurant or cafe that offers cooking classes, as they might well be able to host. Ideally, the venue will come with an instructor, although if you happen to be a capable cook and keep the recipes to your skillset, you can be the chief chef.

Choose a Menu

This isn't an episode of Masterchef Junior, so keep the menu fairly simple (which also helps to control your costs). You might wish to introduce a competitive element, with teams each trying to make the best pizza, or you could opt for a collaborative effort, with everyone helping to make the birthday cake. Before finalising a menu, you will need to check with the parents of your child's friends to make sure nobody has any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Safety First

Even though the children will (hopefully) be doing most of the work, you will still need to be vigilant in your supervision, particularly during the potentially dangerous parts, such as chopping raw ingredients or using a hot oven. This is an excellent way for children to learn about kitchen safety while having fun. The children will also need to be appropriately dressed, wearing enclosed shoes with soles that offer sufficient traction on a potentially slippery surface. Make sure your guests are wearing old clothes that can safely get a bit messy, unless you're able to source a child-sized apron for everyone.

Yes, it's still going to be a fun and vibrant party for all involved. But the kids will learn something new, and maybe before too long, you can sit back and watch TV while your little one whips up a gourmet dinner.

Contact restaurants that host kids parties to learn more about your options for planning a party.