COVID: Steps Restaurants Are Taking to Keep You Safe

This article outlines some of the steps restaurants are taking to keep customers safe during the COVID pandemic. Read on to find out more!

Social distancing and limited numbers of diners

You may notice that your local restaurant isn't as busy as usual. This is because most establishments are limiting the number of diners who can eat there at any one time. Limiting numbers allows those eating in the restaurant to maintain social distancing while still having a nice time.

Digital restaurant menus

Once you have made the decision to go out and have a meal, then you may be faced with the decision of what to choose from the menu. Many restaurants are doing away with paper menus as these can often be a harbour for germs and disease. Because of COVID pandemic concerns, many restaurants have now started to incorporate digital and touch screen technology into their ordering system. Many restaurant menus are also limited in their list of items. You might find that a restaurant is running out of certain items and will only have certain items available.

One-way systems for customers

Many restaurants are already in the process of implementing one-way systems, so customers need to figure out the flow of who goes through the dining room first. The one-way system should help to prevent crowds of people from pushing up against each other as they enter and exit the restaurant.

Regular cleaning of table tops

A lot of attention has been paid to wiping down surfaces where food will be eaten. It's important that hygiene levels are maintained as much as possible. It's essential that table tops are regularly cleaned with bleach or a disinfecting cloth. Diners can also wipe down table tops with a disinfectant wipe before sitting down.


If you're dining outdoors with a group of family or friends who don't want to wear masks, then screens are one way to reduce your risk of infection if you do happen to sit close to someone within your group who is not in your household. Screens keep the air flowing freely but at the same time ensure that you don't have to inhale the exhaled air of those around you.

Contactless payments

Contactless payment technology is already available on mobile phones and cards. If you have this technology, then it may be possible to make a quick payment by touching your card or phone to the contactless payment machine instead of entering your PIN.

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