Sports Bar Owners: How to Draw a Midweek Crowd

If you run a sports bar, you'll know that some nights are going to be quieter than you'd like. Sure, there are some midweek nights where you reach capacity, but these are too far and few between, and they are dependent on certain events, like the Rugby World Cup, the FIFA World Cup or even the Superbowl. Wouldn't it be nice if you could draw a crowd on those quiet nights, even without the benefit of a major game?

Cater to the Fans

Is there a favoured local sporting team in any discipline? Target those fans! Maybe you're in the catchment area for an abundance of Brisbane Lions fans, or maybe the Cronulla Sharks have an avid fan base in your neck of the woods. Consider turning a traditionally quiet night into a fans' night. Encourage fans to come in their team colours, and a few drink specials should also be an enticement. You could even reach out to the PR department of the club in question and attempt to arrange appearances from key players for a meet and greet. There can be seasonal variations, allowing you to have fans' nights for different sports throughout the year, depending on what happens to be in season.

Go Obscure

In Australia, some sports capture the crowds more than others. But this isn't to say that there isn't an audience for other sporting events that could be considered to be a tad obscure. Why not screen figure skating? Or rhythmic gymnastics? Or handball? It's something that's a bit different, and as such, can help to differentiate your bar from your competitors. But the novelty of seeing these events in an Australian sports bar needs to be promoted extensively via your social media, helping to turn the screening into an event in itself.

Trivia Is Not Trivial

It's a traditional go-to event for many bars, and you don't need to reinvent the wheel to get the crowds into your bar on a quiet night. Why not host a sports trivia night? It's fun, it's simple and it has the potential to be incredibly popular. Again, you need to promote the event via your social media, and the prizes on offer don't need to cut into your profit margins all that much. Free drinks for the winners! It's a bar, so this isn't complicated or expensive.

Your midweek business doesn't have to depend on what might be on the sporting calendar at the time. Reach out to other sports bars in your area for more information.