3 Tips for Easy Dining at a Korean Restaurant

Eating out with a group of friends at a new restaurant is one of those experiences that you do not want to pass. Other than having a good time, you get the chance to try new cuisine. Therefore, if you are in the search for the next great eat-out spot, then why not try a Korean restaurant? Just like Japanese and Chinese restaurants, as much as possible Korean restaurants try to stay true to the traditional Korean food culture. However, before thrusting yourself into the deeps of Korean cuisine and etiquette, you must first familiarise yourself with a few things. Knowing what to expect will ensure that you enjoy your time at any Korean restaurant.

Ask for Wooden Chopsticks

If you have been to a Chinese restaurant, then you probably know that the facilities offer wooden chopsticks to their guests. It, however, doesn't happen at Korean restaurant because metal chopsticks are usually provided rather than wooden ones. Out of respect, you might be tempted to go ahead and use the metal chopsticks. One thing you must understand is that metal chopsticks are heavy even for native Koreans. Therefore, it might be problematic to use metallic chopsticks if you are a beginner. The good thing with Korean restaurants is that they replace metal chopsticks with wooden ones upon request. Therefore, do not feel embarrassed to ask for wooden chopsticks in place of metallic ones.

Eat Wraps in One Bite

Wraps are a delicacy of Korean cuisine, and you should not leave a Korean restaurant without ordering a portion. Most people that are new to Korean cuisine, however, make the mistake of eating wraps in several bites. It goes against Korean food etiquette, and you will come off as disrespectful to the culture. Whenever there are wrapped meats as part of the meal, ensure that you eat each in one bite. If the wrap is too big, then the warp is overstaffed or you have used large pieces of lettuce. Your objective is, therefore, to avoid the two scenarios when eating wraps at a Korean restaurant.

Make a Chopstick Rest

When using chopsticks, it is common for newbies to rest their used chopsticks on top of the table. While this may be innocent, the chopsticks create a mess by leaving stains and grease on the table. Although you can rest the chopsticks atop your bowl, why not show off your skills by creating a chopstick rest? You do not need anything fancy because folding a piece of the napkin into a wedge shape is enough to hold your chopsticks and keep the table clean.