First Date: Why You Should Visit a Café for Brunch

The majority of people take their dates out in the evening to a bar or a restaurant. While this is the traditional thing to do, it may not be the best way of finding the partner of your dreams Below are 4 reasons why you should take your next date out for brunch rather than a drink or an evening meal.

You will look your best

Meeting in the late morning for brunch means that you will look your best. You will have had a good nights sleep and the time to shower and pamper yourself before heading out to meet your date. Compare this to most evening dates which generally occur after a busy day at work or on the weekend when you have other social engagements. By the time you get around to meeting your date, you will look tired, they may feel tired, and that could impact how much effort you put into making the date a success. Most cafés will serve brunch from mid-morning until mid-afternoon, which gives you plenty of time. If you ring ahead, the café may also be able to reserve you and your date a table.

You can enjoy great food

Brunch is a great meal because it offers you so much range. If you are still very much in morning mode, you can opt for a traditional breakfast such as bacon and eggs. If you are in more of a lunch type of mood, you can go for a dish such as fishcakes or a club sandwich. The informal food in an informal setting can really help to remove any pressure you feel for the date to be a success.

You don't have to drink

While some people like to drink a bit of booze to deal with any nerves before meeting their date, this approach can quickly backfire. It is all too easy to drink far too much to the point where you make a fool of yourself. Visiting a café for brunch will mean that you can enjoy fresh orange juice and coffee rather than wine or beer, which means there is no risk of getting out of control.

You can hear each other

Enjoying brunch at a quiet little café with your date means that you will actually be able to hear each other when you speak. There is nothing worse than trying to get to know someone is a noisy bar or busy restaurant. Book a table at your local café today.